Prepare to be Amazed.

Welcome to my new and improved website, I am going to be working on making this website more interactive then before, hopefully it will attract many more visitors.

Over the next few weeks, you should see all the pages on the site, be correctly formated to do their jobs, I will also be uploading my work to it, that way I can show you some of the magic I have performed. If you are interested in having my services please visit the "services page".

Web Design

I've been designing websites for 5+ years, visit the "My Work" page to see some of the websites I have made.

My Work

The Graphic Arts

Whatever you need, I can make. Posters, Websites, PC Software, Business Cards. I know it all, and I'm good at it!



Having a wedding or a Birthday? Need someone to take those once in a lifetime photos, I can be your photographer.


Gaming all year round!

As you may not already know. I am a Game Developer. I've been making Games for about 2 years now, using programs like: Unity3D, 3Ds Max, Blender, and other Game Engines like Cry Engine 3.

From the Blog

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